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Once we’ve developed a strategy, much of the services we perform are through investments.

As part of a plan, we normally create and manage a portfolio that may include:

  • Multisector Balanced Funds
  • Sector Funds
  • KiwiSaver

Investment services are held under agency and products are either submitted directly through a provider or through the OneAnswer Portfolio Service investment platform. We do not hold a Trust account and therefore have no direct access to clients funds.

How it works through: OneAnswer

After understanding your financial profile and goals, we decide which investments (mainly managed funds) to buy and sell through OneAnswer or direct. We mostly select funds from our product list, which are researched through Morningstar. Portfolios are constructed based on risk tolerance and financial goals. Portfolios are rebalanced as required.

As an ongoing process, we frequently research existing funds, bring new funds into the portfolio or replace and keep your portfolio up to date to maximise your returns.

Our research

As a professional advisory firm, we subscribe to international research house MorningstarMorningstar is our investment engine room, which is highly sophisticated, and provides investment market information, research, portfolio management software and portfolio construction tools that we incorporate into our service to clients to be able to deliver a high end bespoke investment service.

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