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What is financial planning?

As a niche financial advisory firm, Arbitrage is experienced in offering financial advice and planning. A financial plan is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s current financial position, understanding of future financial goals and a number of scenarios to achieve financial prosperity and security for years to come.

Our plans are individualised and as unique as your financial profile and timeframes. We undertake a structured process which provides the discipline necessary to implement and manage the future financial success – with the flexibility to move with any potential change in circumstances or life event.

Arbitrage makes financial
planning easy


Establishment of a client-advisor relationship

This is where we get to know each other. A personal relationship is important to us because it helps us better understand you, your goals and how we can best achieve them.

Gathering of client information and profile

This step is where you give us more specific detail about your financial position and particular financial goals. We also take into account your assets, liabilities, income and expenses, to understand your exact financial position.

Assessment of client position and goals

Here, we consider your profile and use it to start generating how we can tailor your unique financial position to meet your goals.

Development and proposition of custom plan/financial advisory services and recommendations

At this point, we have created the strategy and deliver the personalised financial plan. This stage is also used to make any fine tuning.

Implementation of client plan and services

Once the recommendations have been agreed to and finalised, we begin to perform the various services and actions as per your plan.

Monitoring of investments and services

Though it’s our last step, it is ongoing. From here we monitor the financial position and services we’ve implemented for you so we can further help you maximise your returns and meet your goals, which ultimately provides cashflow for life.

Arbitrage offers a full comprehensive plan that includes

Separately, clients can opt for a partial financial plan that can include any combination of these plans.
Cash and Debt Management Plan
Risk Management
Investment Plan
Savings and
Retirement Plan

Don’t hesitate to discover what Arbitrage may offer you and how we can help empower your financial future